Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday 28th May 2010 – Afternoon

14:30 > 15:30
18c, sunny, odd cloud.

Alas ‘The Dip’ is no more. The area off gravel islands that looked so good before the water was pumped from the area has now started to be filled in, for what purpose I don’t know, time will tell.

A walk around the perimeter gave Little Egret, a pair of Common Tern, Reed Buntings and Treecreeper. The highlight though was a rise of Mayfly along the river, thousands of them and quite a sight in the late spring sunshine. Its does strike you though that they live in the mud and the mire on the river bed for two years avoiding all kind of predators before they finally get their 24 hour shot at glory. The ones breaking free from the water after all that only to be picked off by passing birds within seconds must be about the unluckiest creatures on earth. Also on the insect front a few Damselflies along the river and to the far east of the site a handful of Common Blue butterflies capped the day.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Thursday 27th May 2010 – Evening

19:00 > 19:30
17c sun

It looks as if things are afoot landscape wise in the valley. There has been an odd shifting of soil etc around the site and maybe the next phase is about to begin or the first area to be landscaped, maybe both.

Still on site but now down in number a couple of lingering Yellow Wagtail. Four Little Ringed Plovers were the only waders seen and a couple of Little Egrets over the only other birds of note.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday 21st May 2010 – Afternoon

14:00 > 15:00
23c hot sunny, humid.

A more midsummer day than May and Sandmartins were the order of the day prospecting the walls of the inlet where around 20 nests can already be seen. A good addition to the site.

Six Little Ringed Plovers dotted about, two more settled pairs whilst one flighty couple around the gravel islands look like potential newcomers. The only other waders, three Lapwing resting on one of the islands.

Also prospecting a pair of Common Tern but given the fluctuating water levels I’d give little hope of them staying within the vicinity.

A Little Egret could be found by the wader pool as could five Grey Heron. Out on whats left of the water a pair of Great Crested Grebe were surely passers by while the Tufted Duck pair still stick it out. The resident Common Buzzard was again found in the trees above Godwit Corner. A pair of Yellow Wagtail were also seen but it looks like the rush of a few weeks ago is over.

A look in later in the evening not long before sunset found a single Hobby trying to pick off single birds from a gathering of Housemartins up near the farm entrance. A sign that summers here if there ever was one.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday 13th May 2010 – Lunchtime

12:30 > 14:00
(And just in case anyones wondering this was posted well after the event)
10c cloud.

The big news is that for the second year Little Ringed Plover have successfully bred at the site. On the north shore at least two chicks were running about today.

Added to that two of the Ringed Plover remain and were displaying, watch this space.

Also on site, three Common Tern (we live in hope), the Gadwall pair, still holding their own against the Shelducks. A single Little Egret was also seen while along the river both Sedge & Reed Warbler were heard and seen.

13th May (delayed post) - NBBR

Per Chris G
"Just to let you know that Little Ringed Plovers have bred for the second successive year at Manor Farm. Two chicks (at least) running about the shingle this afternoon."

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Weds 12th May – Evening

17:00 > 17:30
9c Cloud, westerly breeze.

Somewhat of a mini-waderfest still. Five Ringed Plovers on the wader pool along with the usual handful of Little Ringed Plover dotted around the site. Add in a Common Sandpiper and a single Dunlin and it gives you hope that whatever the levels the birds are coming back. The highlight though not one but two Greenshank in the diminishing pools to the west of the site.

Elsewhere around four or five Yellow Wagtail remain on the slopes.

12th May 2010 - NBBR

Per Rob Hill via NBBR

"Final totals from Manor Farm were 2 Greenshank, 1su Dunlin, 2 LRP, and 6 RP. 150+ House Martin and 45 Swift came and went with the showers, and a Hobby flew east."

And from Chris G

"Add a single Common Sandpiper to that list"

Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday 10th May 2010 – Afternoon

15:15 > 15:30
9c cold northerly strong wind.

Brief visit given the weather. The Little Ringed Plovers can still be found here and there as can a diminishing number of Yellow Wagtail. The Shelduck pair still hassle the Gadwall at every opportunity whilst a Common Buzzard did its best to counter the strong wind in a low flight across the site.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Saturday 8th May – Lunchtime

Cloud, heavy rain at times, NW wind.

Somewhat of a fall after the heavy rain with five Ringed Plovers joining the resident(ish) six Little Ringed Plovers down in the gravel of the Dip. Three Little Egret also in this area whilst out on the water the only fowl (and they are foul given their antics) are the Shelduck pair. Still a smattering of Yellow Wagtail about and a Jay added a bit of colour to the dull day while leaving.

8th May 2010 via NBBR

Per Chris G

"In amongst a small influx of LRP's and RP's at the Farm there is a Dunlin just coming into summer plumage.
With the pumps off for the weekend the yoyo water level is currently rising but unfortunately due to the lay of the land and the wind/rain direction things are best viewable from the north side at the moment."

Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday 7th May 2010 - Afternoon

14:00 > 15:30
11c, broken cloud, cool at times NW breeze.

Area looking increasingly drained but the Little Ringed Plovers, who now look like they are breeding, remain.

Four Yellow Wagtails still on site. The highlight a lone late possible Arctic Tern while a pair of Common Tern called in later.

A single Lesser Black Backed Gull was the first in a while. A Little egret could again be found in the margins but wildfowl wise just a female Gadwall amongst the handful of Mallards. No sign of the Shelduck pair today. Around 30 Housemartins can be found on and off harvesting mud.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thursday 6th May 2010 - Afternoon

16:00 > 16:30
12c Sun!

Water lower still leaving isolated ever diminishing pools. On one a Mallard tried valiantly to protect her ducklings from a pair of crows.

The pair of Shelduck remain as do the Gadwall. Still an odd Yellow Wagtail lingering. Little Ringed Plovers, perhaps four in number dotted about as were a pair of Lapwing and a single Little Egret.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday 4th May 2010 - Afternoon

Broken cloud, 10C

Greeted by a Red Kite gliding over the farm building then off down the valley heading east. Not an uncommon site now but still a welcome one.

Two Common terns passed through, lingering for a while but water levels still low. At least this is leaving plenty of mud which a group of Housemartins were taking full advantage of for nesting elsewhere. Also out on the mud briefly a single Meadow Pipit was somewhat of a surprise. Wader wise just the usual Little Ringed Plover joined by a couple of Little Egrets in the shallows of the Wader Pool. The Shelduck pair dozed on one of the few remaining gravel islands.

Monday, 3 May 2010

3rd May 2010 - NBBR

Per Mick Shepherd

cuckoo heard calling at 7.20 am from cosgrove caravan site but only called once so couldnt trace it.
no waders on gravel workings,
green woodpecker
reed warblers along ouse near caravan site