Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tues 12th July 2011 - Evening

Back Brook

17:00 > 18:00
18c, sun but cool NW wind at times.

Not so much a bird of the day today but interloper of the week in a rather healthly looking Red Fox ambling along the shoreline on the easterly spit where just a couple of weeks back several Little Ringed Plover young were running about. Luckily they, and the Yellow Wagtails that also nested in the area, are all well capable of flying from danger now but you do have to wonder what else has been on Mr Reynard's menu. The Lapwing were divebombing him (or her) in earnest but the Fox got most grief from a group of five Little Egrets who harassed it off site.

Birdwise still plenty to see a family of five Oystercatcher being the highlight. The young are a fair size and already flying well so its debatle whether they bred at the Farm or not (possibly Stony birds?) though some individuals could be viewed on most days recently at Manor Farm so who knows. Still several Little Ringed Plovers on site and they must still be well into double figures now as I suspect up to four pairs successfully fledged chicks. The only other wader seen was the pristine Green Sandpiper back up on Top Pool.

Seven Common Tern on site including the family of five whose young are getting more adventurous flightwise yet are still kept safe by their over protective parents when anything else gets too close as one of the young Oystercatchers found out to their cost.

Little Owls were seen in two locations, along Back Brook roosting a pollarded willow and on the usual wall at the farm buildings.

And finally the Great Crested Grebe pair who i've seen do nothing but sleep for the last month have finally decided to play their part in the advancement of their race and have built their own little home bang slap in the middle of the main body of water.

Now heading south to the Langudoc so no new posts for a week or so.

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