Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday 27th April 2012 - Lunchtime


Northern Wheatears were certainly the order of the day as the spell of heavy downpours continues relentlessly.

Amongst the loose Wagtail flock that picks around the mass of tree protectors a total of eleven birds were seen at one time, including two pristine Greenlanders. Given the nature of the cover, even though many birds were perching on and off on top of the protectors, the true number is almost certainly higher. Amazing too given how close they were coming, down to 20 foot or so during the deluge.

Also in this flock around the same number of Yellow Wagtails, at least one White Wagtail, a couple of dozen Pied Wagtails and a handful of Meadow Pipits.

A group of five 'Commic' Terns dropped in during one of the downpours, one a definite Arctic Tern, maybe some of the others. The two 'resident' Common Terns, just sat on the spit in their usual spot ignoring the squabbling of the other quintet.

On the wader front a single Ringed Plover remains amongst the numerous Little Ringed Plovers. No sign of any Redshank or Sandpipers but the Oystercatcher pair remain. Elsewhere on the water three pair of Gadwall and two Teal remain whilst three Little Egrets rooted about in the shallows.

Low over the water a few Swallows hawked for insects whilst two Swifts overhead were my first of the year.

And finally seen along the manicured riverside a lone Weasel bounding along, totally oblivious to me till ony a few feet away, another for the list.

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