Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday 26th March 2011 - Morning & Afternoon

9:30 > 10:30 then 13:00 > 15:00

A bit of a mixed bag weather wise, mist then sun this morning, then this afternoon sun then cloud with cool easterly building and spitting rain. 12c

Another returnee was the highlight of the day in a Northern Wheatear, more of which later.
A morning walk round the site (hello Rebecca!) was on the whole quiet. A couple of Little Ringed Plovers, a rather cosy pair of Green Sandpipers and a drake Goosander through were the only real birds of note.

No sign of any Shelduck at all today and the remaining small Wigeon, Gadwall, Teal and Tufted Duck flocks enjoyed a hassle free time in the morning sun. A quick look at the Ouse but i'm holding out little hope for the Kingfishers using the Iron Trunk to Pebble Beach stretch this year due to clearance, here hoping they reamain in the stronghold downstrean towards the east of the site.

Coming back along the Canal a lone Chiffchaff was making such an effort to be heard he even dropped down from the tree tops just above our heads giving it his all.

After a couple of hours of family business I had some time to kill so revisted the site once more early afternoon. Getting dropped off at the Haversham end I walked through gravel processing area when something caught my eye seemingly scurrying up the gravel and mud banking along the road past the Silt Beds. It was in all its glory a lightly plumaged male Northern Wheatear, the first of the year at the Farm and beating last years first bird by six days.

Also seen on second visit a couple of Little Egret, a small flock of around eight or mine Meadow Pipit and all three squabbling Little Ringed Plovers together at one time.

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