Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Friday 13th May 2011 - Afternoon

14:00 > 15:30
Cloudy, west breeze, 15c.

Cooler than of late but still something of interest this afternoon at the Farm. The usual Little Ringed Plovers, Lapwings and Oystercatchers while an odd Yellow Wagtail could be seen popping in and out of the vegatation waterside. Elsewhere a single Common Redshank picked about in the shallows.

A lone drake Pochard was a new addition whilst an odd duck family is there in the making. A female Mallard already with ducklings has a drake Tufted Duck in tow. Indeed so enamoured is she of him that when a drake Mallard appeared (and i'm presuming its the father) she gave him what for before returning to her new beau who seems quite settled in his adoptive role.

Bird of the day though was undoubtedly a Hobby, strafing backwards and forwards along the Inlet picking insects off the water, which given they were virtually impossible to see i'm presuming were Mayfly. Ideal position for photography if only the light would play ball, it didn't but still got some record shots, see above and below. (more to follow)

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