Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday 2nd August 2011 – Evening

18:30 > 19:00
Sun, hot, humid, 25c.
The first word in my notes tonight ‘DECIMATION!’ Whilst the extensive mostly thistle beds were a pain for any observer looking over the site they obviously provided good habitat for some species that would otherwise not breed in the area, tonight it one fell swoop it has all but gone.

The lack of cover and probably the disturbance more than anything has had an effect on the birds too with hardly anything around the shorelines just an Oystercatcher, a single Green Sandpiper, nine Common Tern and a group of four flighty Little Ringed Plovers. No sign at all of yesterdays Yellow Wagtails.

Up on the slope the 100 strong, and again very flighty, Lapwing flock looked as if they might be confused as what to do next and with many young amongst them probably not aware what the big wide world held for them outside of the confines of the site. A loose dog made the decision for them and they headed off en bloc north over Cosgrove Park.

Also over four Little Egret to roost.

Time will tell what the clearance of the scrub will do to the site but a big plus is with migration now just a trickle the site does look good for waders again and once things settle down and movement south starts in earnest in the coming weeks things could become interesting once more.

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