Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wednesday 31st August 2011 – Evening

18;00 > 19:00
Broken cloud, calm, 17c.

As August disappears at last something to report in a pair of Common Redstart along the Ridge Path heading for the canal. One a definite female the other possibly but could have been a juvenile. Again the same area of the site that’s seen birds for three, possibly four, years now.

Down on the water and its surrounds a pair of Pochard has joined the handful of Mallard and the remaining six of the Tufted Duck family that bred on site this year. In the margins a lone Green Sandpiper and four Little Egret.

The drama tonight was manmade though. A good calm night for ballooning obviously with three in the air but the one over Manor Farm that was rapidly losing height at a rate of knots almost came a cropper in the trees around Broadwater just over the Ouse, instead it had to ditch with all hands just short of the riverbank. With all the gates locked till morning for traffic, he might well still be there.

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