Friday, 4 May 2012

Flooding continues...

As I left the site yesterday evening the Ouse was once again breaking its banks and with no way of knowing just how much water is still upstream heading for the sea its hard to gauge how long this next period of flooding will last. Talking to a couple up on the hill during the week who had come to gauge just how much their riverside caravan had been affected they said Cosgrove Park had been evacuated on Saturday and looking at the levels last night I wouldn't expect it to be any better today. Of course with it being a Bank Holiday weekend this could put a bar on a lot of peoples plans.

I'm affected in a small way too, early on Saturday morning I was due to lead a group of charity walkers, raising funds for the British Heart Foundation, through the valley on an annual walk from Wolverton to Northampton. Luckily we can walk an alternate route but the back of Wolverton Works compared to the Ouse Valley at first light just isn't the same...

So if anybody does actually read this and are feeling in a charitable mood please consider sponsoring me via the link: Saints with Heart, raising funds for the British Heart Foundation

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