Friday, 4 May 2012

Thursday 3rd May 2012 - Late Afternoon

Heading down to the site to connect with the summer plumaged Grey Plover seen earlier (see below) I unluckily missed out as had Lee E who I encountered on arrival, he had however seen a pair of Dunlin and three 'Tundrae' Ringer Plovers.

Things appeared to be altogether more quiet than yesterdays mini bonanza, bar of course the rare Plover, but still some birds of interest notably a flock of seven Dunlin coming in together as a flock to the flooded new workings.

Other waders still on site a love triangled trio of Oystercatchers making a hell of a racket circling the site in between trying to set up home on one of the island, a pair of  Common Redshank and a more settled handful of Little Ringed Plovers now seemingly calming down after the trials of the last few days while Common Terns and Little Egrets continued to make the most of flooded areas. Happily it seems a second Lapwing family escaped the weekend floods too. A flock of 18 Tufted Duck were of note for the site.

Over on the North Shore Northern Wheatear numbers are finally thinning out but still at least eight individuals in this area all showing characteristics of Greenland birds. Yellow Wagtail probably number around the same.

As for the site well overnight rain on Wednesday saw levels rise once more on the Ouse to the extent that water once more was started to not only engulf caravans again over the river at Cosgrove Park but start to seep back into the lower site and to flood the meadow at the western end.

Hopefully though a few days respite is on the horizon and an increased area of exposed land in the water will attract more notable birds in.

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